Do you know alternative therapies?

Also known as natural therapies, because they avoid the use of drugs and chemical substances as a way of healing. They have gained popularity because they are suitable for all people and for the success they have shown. They are a complement to 'traditional' medicine in the healing of discomforts.

Origin of alternative therapies

Its origin is in the ancestral medicine, where the discomforts were cured focusing on the patient's body and mind. They deepened the person's feelings to detect what caused the disease. According to professionals and doctors today, this type of therapy improves the effect of medical treatment.

Typologies of alternative therapies

Aromatherapy: essential oils are used for its practice. Inhaled by the patient, administered orally or applied to the body while performing a massage. This technique provides a feeling of calm and comfort that helps reduce mental and physical pain.

Acupuntura practice that is developed through the use of fine waters. These are introduced into strategic areas of the body with the aim of stimulating them and relieving pain and curing diseases.

Hidrotherapy: the use of water is used as a therapeutic method to heal skin ailments: swelling, allergies etc.

Reflexology: on the soles of the feet we find points that are intimately related to certain organs. By pressing these strategic points through systematic movements made with the fingers, the vital function of the organs is improved.

Botanic: It is a technique that uses plants and extracts of these to improve the health of the patient.

Detox: it is a detoxification of the body in order to get rid of toxins and harmful substances accumulated. A detox plan is based on eating natural foods, either in meals or as smoothies.


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