Historia de los orígenes del masaje

The history of massage has evolved along with the human being. For years, many scholars, scientists and doctors have been interested in the investigation of massage and its techniques. From Antiquity to the present day we have discovered the many advantages it offers for health. In fact, we could say that massage is one of the aesthetic techniques most important, effective and versatile currently.

Origins of massage in Egypt

It has been discovered in papyri and engravings that massages were part of the daily life of the pharaohs. For example, him papyrus of "Smith", with an age of about 4,000 years, shows how at that time there were professionals specialized in bone fractures and conditions that used massage as a method for treating patients.

Origin of the massage in China

The book Nei Ching, considered as a reference in the traditional medical foundation and written in 1000 a.C., already reflects massage as an effective technique to treat various ailments. "The three typical forms of healing are: acupuntura, the moxa and massage, "is cited in traditional writings. At that time there were four professionals who were socially considered as trained to handle medicine: doctors, acupuncturists, masseurs and exorcists

Origins of massage in India

It is another countries that developed towards 1800 a.C. Medicine. It was at that time when the first known medical book in the eastern country was published: the Ayurveda. It refers to massage and introduces terms such as friction and rub to maintain a healthy body. It should be noted that in 1940 Gandhi practiced massage for the treatment of various pathologies, such as leprosy.

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