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Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage

Description: The anti-cellulite massage is very beneficial to eradicate this problem and return your skin firmness and good looking lost. Its fundamental function is to open the pores. Mobilizes the lymphatic system and breaks down the fat thus facilitates the penetration of the natural cosmetic products we use. The massage anticelulíticos y el drenaje linfático son de gran efectividad en el tratamiento de la celulitis si se realizan de forma correcta y frecuente. Combinados con dietas y physical exercise they can make cellulite dissipate and even disappear. This treatment includes:

  • Masaje con Ampollas Anticelulítica
  • Seaweed wrapping.
  • Organic Tea


  • First, it improves venous and lymphatic circulation.
  • También mejora el tono muscular y el aspecto de la piel.
  • Decreases edema also reduces the size of adipocytes.
  • Finally it increases the oxygenation of the tissues and on the other hand it reduces the fibrosity.


  • 60 min. – 75 €

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